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I Really Wish That I Didn't Feel This Way

I wanna break the circle but the circle won't break

31 March 1983
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My name is Nicolette-no, not like the gum. I am a 26 year old stay at home mommy to three little boys. Adrian is 6, and is my smartass class clown. Dylan is 3, and is my number loving Aspie. And last, Taylor, my little baby boy who was born on Cinco de Mayo. He is settling in nicely and his big brothers love him so much!! I have a (usually) wonderful husband named Travis, been together 10 years now :) Have 2 cats and a spoiled rotten pomeranian named Tegan, she is my 'daughter' since apparently we don't make those lol.

I cut slackers who dont leave me comments. LJ is a two way street, you post, I post; you comment, I comment. Otherwise....byebye. You can't get to know someone over the internet who never posts or comments to you, its just a fact. You don't have to comment to everything of course, and neither will I, but every once in awhile is nice.

I'm complicated, most people don't get me. I curse alot, I am brutally honest in my posts and I do not cut for TMI, so if TMI offends you, might wanna leave now while you're ahead. There isn't much about me, my thoughts, or my past that I won't tell. I'm pretty much an open book. Curious about anything, ask, its pretty damn hard to offend me.

I love to read, scrapbook, and play video games in my spare time. I'm not much of a tv person but I do love reality shows and documentaries/shows about true life events, like baby shows, medical shows, etc. I collect a lot of things as well-Living Dead Dolls, Catapillers by Sharon Lea Larson, celebrity autographs, NIB Magic Nursery Babies, and Disney things.

I love being a stay at home mom, but after this baby is born I plan on going to school to be certified as a crime scene cleanup technician. I know not many could do it, but I could, and I am beyond excited to get started :x

I am bi and proud of it so if that offends you, please do not add me. I dont take kindly to homophobes or people who look down their noses at me just for liking someone that they don't agree with. I also dont like church, so if church is your thing and me being anti-church is going to bother you, or if you might feel the urge to post about it on a regular basis, please spare my eyes and do not add me. I have no room for any more fairy tales in my life after I read my books and play my video games, so religion just doesnt have a place here.

Thats about it. Add me if you want, tell me you added me too please. Thats always nice. If you decide to cut me, put on your big girl panties and tell me about it.
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